2016 Chicago Executive Exchange

Global Performance Partners’ 2016 Chicago Executive Exchange, “Making Multiculturalism Pay Off”, brought together top executives to share ideas and discuss strategies designed to help corporations recruit diverse employees and create more inclusive, engaged workplaces. Hosted by sponsor Motorola Solutions in their Innovation Center and co-sponsored by technology solutions providers CDW and KBS, the Exchange drew executives from several major companies to explore the importance of developing next practices that lead to more innovative organizations.

Featured senior executives included Howard Tullman, CEO of tech incubator 1871; Nichole Barnes Marshall, Global Head of Inclusion at Aon; Motorola Solutions’ Eduardo Conrado, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, and Manuel Cuevas, Chief Human Resources Officer; Paul Edlund, Midwest Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft; Keith Sanders, Vice President of Coworker Services at CDW; Sandee Kastrul, President of i.c. stars; and Steve Pemberton, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer at Walgreens.


Chicago-area Chief Information Officers sharing ideas Fueling up for the big exchange A mix of men and women offering different points of view Motorola Solutions’ Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Eduardo Conrado explains why inclusion matters. Walgreen’s Chief Diversity Officer, Steve Pemberton, speaks truth to power Motorola Chief Human Resources Officer, Manuel Cuevas talks  about the importance of diverse talent Microsoft’s Midwest Chief Technology Officer, Paul Edlund, ties diversity to technology Sandee Kastrul, Presdeint of i.c. stars, addresses the audience Nichole Barnes Marshall, Chief Diversity Officer at Aon, and friends The audience gets engaged! Taking in every word. GPP principals, Roger Crockett and Donna Gaines, with 1871 CEO, Howard Tullman (right) Nichole Barnes Marshall of Aon explains why inclusion is essential to good business Howard Tullman, 1871’s CEO, teaches the value of diverse talent Keith Sanders, CDW’s VP of Coworker Services, presents a compelling case study
Motorola Solutions’ Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Eduardo Conrado explains why inclusion matters.