Research & Resources

Global Performance Partners is not a think tank.  Rather, we’re an “action tank” that partners with forward-thinking executives, companies and institutions to present industry-specific research, and innovative and exclusive forums.  We present you with cultural and corporate intelligence that you can put to use right away as you design and implement strategies that improve outcomes and demonstrate the business relevancy of diversity.


The Millennial Effect

By 2025, millennials will comprise nearly 75% of the workforce, and research shows that they frame diversity as a means to a business outcome, unlike older generations that view diversity through the lens of morality, compliance, and equality.  This 2015 study, a collaboration between Deloitte and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, examines the disconnect between traditional and millennial definitions of diversity and inclusion, and the impact on innovation, engagement and creativity and other business outcomes.



Diversity + Engagement = ROI

A Forbes Insights survey, Fostering Innovation through a Diverse Workforce, demonstrates that the most popular measures to monitor the success of diversity initiatives are employee productivity (77%), employee morale (67%) and employee turnover (58%).  Clearly, creating an environment where your employees’ differences and contributions are valued and they feel empowered, is important.  In fact, your ability to recruit and retain talent is a key factor in evaluating your ROI!



Multi-Dimensional Diversity = Innovation

A survey by the Center for Talent Innovation, shows that companies possessing true diversity of race, gender and experience actually out-innovate and out-perform those that don’t. Companies with multi-dimensional diversity, the study shows, successfully unlock innovation by creating an environment where “outside the box” ideas are heard.