Entrepreneurial Culture

A Harvard Business School study found that corporate culture can either enhance performance or prove detrimental.  The fact is, organizations with strong performance-oriented corporate cultures witness far better financial growth.  At GPP, we help you cultivate the inclusive characteristics that lead to the development of a winning “entrepreneurial” culture – the sort of agile, productive corporate culture that excels in today’s fast-moving, ultra competitive business environment.

So, what should companies focus on to create an entrepreneurial culture? Perhaps the most important characteristic is the cross-pollination of ideas that’s aided by engaging a diverse and inclusive workforce. The silos and bureaucracy that bog down big companies typically stifle agility. Marketing people should talk to developers, sales staffers should talk to product managers, operations execs should talk to supply chain directors.  The more different employees from different departments talk, the more ideas are sparked – a certain indicator of an entrepreneurial corporate culture.

AT GPP we help companies understand how attracting the widest possible variety of qualified employees, and then encouraging their involvement across the organization inevitably leads to success.  Entrepreneurs often refer to this mixing of employees as “the people cocktail”.  It’s an effect prized by the best of entrepreneurs, a consequence of employees interacting among various corporate networks to solve problems and drive the company along the road to greater growth.